Elorriaga Center for Science and Mathematics

As a LEED Gold certified building, the Elorriaga Center for Science and Mathematics serves as a learning tool for the entire campus. The overall design of the building has incorporated natural daylighting strategies including exterior sun screen and a cantilevered second floor reducing the solar gain with no compromise to natural daylighting. The building contains four classrooms on the first floor and four science classrooms with staff and preparation rooms located on the second floor. As part of this project, Soderstrom also renovated the existing science building into a new administration center. This consists of a reception area for students and visitors, twelve offices, two conference rooms, and support rooms for the staff. A photovoltaic system has been installed to demonstrate alternative power sources. The building is passively cooled by providing a thermal mass in the floor and roof structure. Cool night air is drawn into the building and collected by the thermal masses and released throughout the day.


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