Fields and Schoenfeldt Halls

As one of the first buildings to be developed in the University of Portland’s west campus (University Village) expansion, the Fields and Schoenfeldt Halls building respects the historical design context of the campus architecture while reflecting academic modernity. Fields and Schoenfeldt could be considered a hybrid design in that it combines traditional rooms with modern amenities, with connected wings and varied outdoor spaces helped to balance privacy with social spaces. The blending of these spaces has created the environment for new students to learn from students who are seasoned to campus life.

The halls were intentionally configured to mix upper and lower classmen together in order to facilitate mentoring and support between the students. Studies have shown that upperclassmen tend to isolate themselves less, since they have already had the experience of building a social community, whereas freshmen have a greater tendency to hide in their rooms.  By mixing the classes on each floor and providing social spaces throughout the building for students to gather and socialize, the design of Fields and Shoenfeldt encourages upperclassmen to lead by example and help the freshmen integrate into the community quickly. The only distinction in rooms is that the upperclassmen occupy the larger double occupancy suites with separate bathrooms rather than the smaller double occupancy rooms. 
It was also important that this building reflect the latest in sustainability strategies, and as a result, it achieved LEED Gold certification. Sustainable elements include a high efficiency HVAC system, exhaust heat recovery, variable flow refrigerant system, integrated air filtration, green roofs, solar photovoltaics/solar hot water panels, regionally sourced and recycled materials, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and low VOC paints and finishes. 


University of Portland


Student Housing


New Construction


Portland, Oregon


110,000 SF




Student dormitories, student kitchen, study rooms, student lounges, fitness room, laundry facilities, chapel

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