Chuck Westerholm architect

Chuck Westerholm, a sojourner no longer says it’s good to be back at Soderstrom Architects. He’s been working on some great projects; most recently working for some wonderful clients in the East Coast and Mid West, while receiving LEED and Lean credentials. He’s brought back a ton of tools to help healthcare clients make sound decisions, measure their success, and improve their lives. Those tools include a refined design coaching process and two refined ways to measure success.

Although Chuck is the newest principal of Soderstrom Architects, his healthcare design philosophy is tried and true.

I have a renewed passion for healthcare design and Soderstrom Architects celebrates and encourages my passion for design. Design coaching empowers Leadership, patient care staff, and care support staff to better visualize and refine their care process, to design a work environment that supports their vision for care, and to use logic based techniques for measuring positive improvement. Design coaching is not totally measured with logic, because there are times when passion trumps logic and passion is the gold we seek.

Chucks goals are for a successful relationship with clients first. He believes that when staff and patients are in their new surroundings, there are two simple measurements of our success: “shining faces” and “one client/one project.”

When our clients talk about their experiences of working with Soderstrom Architects, they say we made them feel like this was our only project and they were our only client. That’s success!