Résonance Winery and Tasting Room

We worked closely with Pierre-Henry Gagey, Thibault Gagey, and celebrated winemaker Jacques Lardière to develop a master plan for the Maison Louis Jadot’s first venture outside of France. After careful study of the more than 100 acre site, the tasting room was sited along the ridge to take advantage of the stunning view of the coast range, with the production facility sited closer to the valley floor to provide enough slope for gravity flow while maintaining ease of access. The challenge was to both physically and visually link the winery and hospitality center with a series of carefully routed drives and trails.


Maison Louis Jadot


Winery & Tasting Room

COnstruction TYPE

Master Planning and Schematic Design


Carlton, Oregon


40,000 SF winery, 5,500 SF tasting room


Tasting room, private tasting room, kitchen, offices, wine library, dining room, terrace, fermentation, grape receiving, barrel rooms, tank room, bottling, case goods, cold storage, lab

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