Sports Medicine Oregon Main Campus

Soderstrom Architects was retained by a private orthopedic and sports medicine practice to design a new ambulatory surgery center and physician office suite.  The site was selected for its proximity to the practice gym for the Portland Trail Blazers, a large athletic club, and a gymnastics practice building.  The building was positioned to assure that it would have strong street presence and convenient access from these other businesses.

The  building is equally divided between exam and physician office space and the surgery center.  A common entry vestibule is shared by both halves, each with its own waiting and reception area.  A clerestory was used to bring natural light into these areas and was also used as a way-finding element to clearly identify the building entry for first time patients and visitors.  

The strategic use of exterior lighting further defined this concept during morning and evening hours. A shared business office and records area is located between the two building halves.  The physician office space is sized to accommodate four to six physicians with two to three exam rooms each. Two cast/treatment rooms are included and serve as additional exam rooms when needed.  State-of-the-art imaging facilities are also within the office space and include two radiographic rooms and an MRI. The ambulatory surgery center has three operating rooms and on-site sterile processing.  Each OR is equipped with the latest innovations and aids utilized in the practice of orthopedic surgery.  Patient preoperative holding and recovery stations are provided in an open setting.


Sports Medicine Oregon


Ambulatory Surgery Center


New Construction 


Tigard, Oregon


21,000 SF


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