Soderstrom Promotes One New Senior Associate and Two New Associates

Posted in News — November 11, 2022

new associates 2022

In recognition of outstanding talent on our architectural and operational teams, Soderstrom is proud to announce three promotions. Congratulations to our new associates and senior associate!

Eric Talbot, Design Architect
Promotion to Senior Associate

As Design Architect at Soderstrom, Eric leads and works with project teams and consultants toward a successful design. Since joining the company in 2018, he has guided the design of all the firm’s major projects, including recent work for the St. Helens High School Addition and Renovation, Ashland Middle School Addition and Renovation, and Camp Howard’s new chapel. His talent for hand sketching, rendering, and modeling is unparalleled and helps not only convey design intent to stakeholders and community members, and but also assists project concepts in securing funding and becoming reality. In his new role as Senior Associate, he will guide the firm toward even greater design excellence.

Eric is a registered architect and a LEED Accredited Professional with over 36 years of design and planning experience. He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Oregon School of Architectural Design.

My design philosophy is “Understatement and economy, in the name of aesthetic beauty in line, proportion, and space, at the service of the user.”

A project’s common spaces are the driver of my designs, both inside and out – it’s all “landscape’” with places within for us to move, pause, orient, see, feel, and breathe.

Tommy White, Project Manager
Promotion to Associate

Tommy has over 20 years of architectural experience, with a specialized expertise in building envelopes, exterior restorations, and roofing. He holds a Master of Architecture from University of Oregon. Working at Soderstrom for almost 15 years, he is a skilled project manager who excels at delivering technically complex projects and ensuring long-term client satisfaction. His notable projects include the Hallinan Elementary School Addition and Renovation for Lake Oswego School District, the new Plymouth High School for St. Helens School District, and the Ambulatory Healthcare Clinic at Central Peninsula Hospital. He is currently working on two large additions for Bethel School District at Kalapuya High School and Willamette High School’s CTE building.

Tommy’s focus is on understanding the existing conditions to foster the appropriate interface and detailing of new conditions. As an Associate, he will continue to champion superior detailing and documentation within the firm.

I am fascinated with the structural skeleton and how framed components dictate the soundness of the building. As a kid, and even to this day, I find a lot of enjoyment in walking through a partially built environment where the exposed stud walls and structural elements hint to the programmatic function, speculating on what the space will be, and envisioning how the rooms will be finished.

I am driven to succeed by facilitating the owner’s vision through all facets of the project. I strive to achieve strong communication with the owner and the design team to orchestrate the conceptual vision into a final product that is beloved by all.

Josh Rosenbaum, IT Director
Promotion to Associate

As Soderstrom’s IT Director, Josh has a vast breadth of knowledge with specialties in Network Security and Network Administration. He has 25 years of IT experience in the AEC industry and received his Bachelor of Arts from University of Colorado. Since joining Soderstrom in 2019, he has dramatically improved the firm’s IT infrastructure, which allowed the company to pivot quickly and maintain operations during the pandemic. Josh has increased productivity firmwide by streamlining many procedures and seeking out new solutions and programs to make work easier for everyone. One of his most recent accomplishments was managing a seamless office move to the new company headquarters, resulting in the office losing less than six billable hours total during the entire move.

My main goal is pretty much always to have a very robust and secure network while at the same time making computer-related things easy for the end user.  I try and give everyone the tools they need to do their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible without overburdening everyone with new things to learn all the time, and at the same time keeping things as lean as can be.

My main drive is to be the IT department that simply works.  I never want to be in anyone’s way or have deadlines waiting on me.  By and large I like to have things, from a technical standpoint, be 100% transparent to the end user.