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With over 30 years of experience, the Ferar Wine & Spirits Studio provides design and planning services to a wide variety of distilleries, ranging from small start-ups to large-scale producers. Our focus is on finding the right sites, buildings, and equipment to create efficient production spaces and welcoming tasting rooms. With a nuanced understanding of building codes and regulations, we help create home bases for emerging brands to enter the market, as well as flexible facilities for established distillers to grow.

“Reed and his team went above and beyond to understand the intricacies of building out a distillery in an urban environment, how to design it to be safe, efficient and cost effective.”

Jill Kuehler, Founder, Freeland Spirits

Westward Whiskey distillery bar

Westward Whiskey

After experiencing much success with sales of their Aviation Gin and Westward Whiskey, House Spirits Distillery facility was bursting at its seams. The company needed to expand their distillery, and Co-founder Christian Krogstad also wished to remain in the same Portland industrial district. House Spirits (now Westward Whiskey) ended up selecting a three-sided storage shed for their new site, and Ferar Studio worked with them to transform it into Oregon’s largest distillery.

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Design Principles

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Provide Exceptional Detailing

We are dedicated to exceptional detailing as a matter of practice and good design. We have a thorough understanding of the codes applicable to the craft spirits industry and know how to work within the regulations to achieve functional, aesthetically pleasing results. Our deep knowledge of the construction process and practical details encountered by those working in our buildings informs each step we take in the design process.

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Our commitment to sustainability begins with energy-efficient buildings made with durable materials, designed for healthy environments, longevity and ease of maintenance. Mechanical systems used for fermentation and distillation may be optimized for water reuse, heat conservation and overall energy efficiency. Many of our projects incorporate solar electric arrays to offset utility-sourced electrical energy use.

Distillery design Freeland building exterior

Enhance the Brand

We see architectural expression as an opportunity to reinforce the character of our client’s brand. We look for ways to incorporate elements of a brand’s design into a building’s architecture and interiors.

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Navigate Regulations with Ease

Building and Fire Code regulations applicable to distilleries are often not well understood, not only by members of the distilling community, but also by agencies regulating them. The regulations are complicated, lengthy and sometimes contradictory. Using our expertise and experience, we help navigate the myriad regulatory obstacles that may be encountered in the permitting process, saving our clients time and frustration.

Distillery Design Projects


Distillery Design Team Members

Each step in the process of making fine distilled spirits requires a combination of art and science. We combine creative design skills with technical code knowledge to create exceptional spaces for the production of craft spirits.

Dan Van Calcar

Dan Van Calcar

Managing Principal

Wayne van Loon

Wayne van Loon


Caitlin Poliak design professional

Caitlin Poliak


Parker Bunce

Parker Bunce

Design Professional

Industry Insights

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Technical Director Reed Lewis wrote a detailed article for Distiller magazine, where he shares his knowledge about navigating the complex building code requirements for distilleries.

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