that Enhances Experience

We believe design enhances the human experience, which is why we design for everyone. In all aspects of our work, we are focused on the future through sustainable building practices. The following represents a selection of our project portfolio. For a list of our clients, see here.

Washington Elementary School

Woodburn School District

Kalapuya Elementary School

Salem-Keizer School District

Malabon Elementary School

Bethel School District

Fairfield Elementary School

Bethel School District

Straub Middle School

Salem-Keizer School District

Valley Catholic K-8 School

sisters of st. mary of oregon

St. Francis K-8 School

st. francis parish

Bush Elementary School

Salem-Keizer School Distrcit

Oregon City High School

Oregon City school district

Moisant Center

Resurrection Catholic Church

Central Catholic High School

central catholic high school

Hillsboro Early Childhood Center

Northwest regional service education district