Hugh Bitzer and Andy Bonesz Promoted  to Associate

Posted in News — December 29, 2017

Soderstrom is pleased to announce the promotion of Hugh Bitzer and Andy Bonesz to Associate.

Hugh Bitzer

As a new Associate at Soderstrom, Hugh’s goal is to push the firm further with advanced technology like the development of virtual reality. His intent is to harness these new tools to design better buildings and allow clients to be more engaged with the design process.

“I’ve always had a passion for creating things and a fascination with the built world. Architecture engages both of these interests, and a third interest, my love for nature, inspired me to write my college thesis on biophilic design (which postulates that the deep sensory experience of nature is critical to maintaining human health and well being, and should therefore be incorporated into buildings as much as possible – more daylight, views, natural materials, fresh air, plants, animation, etc.). At times it can feel conflicting to be passionate about development and the growth of cities while at the same time entranced by the beauty of the natural world, which is threatened by that very growth. Sustainability will be vital to ensuring that both can coexist harmoniously in the future,” said Hugh.

Andy Bonesz

Andy is a registered architect whose experience includes producing high-quality building solutions in a team-focused, multidisciplinary setting. Andy’s role as a new Associate is to help shape Soderstrom firm culture in a way that promotes excellence in design, improves collaboration, and challenges staff to set high goals.  Andy firmly believes better workplaces create better employees.

“Design inspires me because it has the power to influence our lives. Ultimately, good design will make its users happy, but bad design will do the opposite. Architecture, like a building, is equal parts functional requirement and artistic expression. I believe that a good designer, faced with a design challenge, will know how to walk this line, balancing form and function to create something wonderful. Creativity flourishes when people talk to one another thus leading to better design, so however way I can help this process at Soderstrom, I will,” said Andy.