SD Deacon Corporate Headquarters

Deacon’s new corporate headquarters is a renovation of a cast in place abandoned lumber company, and includes a complete interior and exterior renovation and HVAC replacement. The new building is shared between two tenants, with a common atrium space. The lobby has a translucent skylight roof, glass elevator and bridge with glass at the second floor. Exterior renovations include exterior gardens and patios.

Because the original building was a single tenant space, the biggest challenge of this  project was incorporating the identities of each of the two new occupants while joining their styles in a shared atrium space. Deacon needed an open but fairly quiet environment while Elliot Associates wanted a very interactive environment. Drawing on an Eastern nature theme, Soderstrom allowed the outside landscape to flow into the lobby and then find its path to both tenants. This nature theme was enhanced by the addition of eco-resin panels at the main conference room and as corridor accent panels which identify the various departments.  Within the lobby we added a glass elevator and a bridge with glass handrails providing accessibility to the 2nd floor.  Although the glass elevator is on the outside wall, it allows daylight to penetrate the lobby and adds a sculptural element enhancing the space.


SD Deacon and Elliot Associates

Project Type

Office Building

Construction Type

Renovation, Addition


Portland, Oregon


32,000 SF

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