In support of Soderstrom’s mission to help schools maximize their funding opportunities, three more Soderstrom staff members have recently become certified assessors through the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). Congratulations to Meagan Baker, Andy Bonesz, and Carson Shields!

As ODE certified assessors, they will work with Oregon school districts and help them receive facility assessment, seismic assessment, and long-range facility plan grants from the state. Our team’s knowledge and expertise includes navigating the Oregon Technical Assistance (TAP) program and helping schools do the important work in assessing, planning, and upgrading their facilities.

As part of our service to clients, Soderstrom works closely with schools to meet the necessary state requirements and guarantee that each district receives the greatest amount of funding available. Our goal is to get the maximum benefit per student.

Congratulations again to our team! And if you are an educational institution looking for such services, please contact us here. We would be happy to help.