Jesuit High School Library

The renovation of Jesuit High School’s Clark Library recognizes the evolving role of the library in supporting academic study. Through the renovation, Soderstrom has adapted Clark Library to better support 21st century learning and use of digital technology. Moving away from the former focus on quiet study space and printed material collections, the “new library” is an open environment, integrated with digital technology, that blends individual quiet study areas with collaborative social research space. Clark Library is now equipped with glass conference rooms, docking stations for electronic devices, computer lab stations, four projectors and screens that can work in concert, and an enclosed oversize classroom that can accommodate up to 50 students for one lesson. The bright, naturally lit interior also includes flexible and moveable furniture so that students, staff, and faculty can configure the space to best support their current needs.


Jesuit High School

Project Type

High School

Construction Type



Portland, Oregon


7,100 SF


Library, multimedia labs, group study space, individual study space, book stacks

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