Thorough Planning and Outreach
Lead to a Successful Bond

Bethel School District Pre-Bond Planning

A long-term partner, the Bethel School District hired Soderstrom in 2019 to prepare their Facilities Assessment Report (FAR) and Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP), as well as assist with anticipated pre-bond planning efforts. We first digitized all their existing record drawings and provided an organized, searchable database. We then did a thorough, firsthand evaluation of every building in the District, walking each site with their Facilities Director and interviewing key administrative and custodial staff. In addition to looking at the physical building condition, we also carefully evaluated the educational adequacy of each school, through the lens of today’s needs and also anticipated future requirements.

With that baseline information, we then started the planning process with community outreach and communication, developing several options and growth strategies, all with detailed corresponding cost estimates. Each presentation involved detailed and thorough graphic representations of these options, to make sure all attendees could understand the intent. These collateral items were also used online, to broaden the outreach.

Both the FAR and LRFP were approved by ODE for reimbursement, and qualified the District for $6M in OSCIM grant matching funds, tied to the November 2020 bond election. In November 2020, the District successfully passed a $99.3M bond and hired Soderstrom for the design of several significant projects, including the new Career and Technical Education (CTE) building for Willamette High School.


Bethel School District

Project Type

Facilities Assessment, Long-Range Facilities Plan, Pre-Bond Planning

Construction Type



Eugene, Oregon


Thirteen (13) Buildings
965,000 SF Total

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