J. Christopher Winery and Tasting Room

This multi-phased project began with the design of five, earth-sheltered cellars arrayed radially from a central work space. The cellars were built with pre-cast concrete barrel vaults using the “cut and cover” technique. The second phase included an elevated crush pad, separate red and white fermentation rooms, and a lab. The exterior walls are constructed of insulated tilt-up concrete panels. Both the tilt-ups and pre-cast vaults feature integrally colored concrete. The third phase, recently completed, includes offices, a tasting room, and large terrace.


Appassionata Estate

Project Type

Winery and Tasting Room

Construction Type

New Construction


Newberg, Oregon


18,000 SF


Cellars, crush pad, fermentation rooms, lab, offices, tasting room, terrace


12,000 cases Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

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