Malabon Elementary School

Malabon is a replacement school that is designed to create a safer and more nurturing learning environment for up to 630 students. The building expands teaching opportunities through the use of classroom “pull-outs,” an exploration lab, and a professional learning lab. With features such as operable windows, nine-foot high daylight windows, mechanical night flush ventilation, and exterior walls insulated with rigid foam panels (SIPs), Malabon also performs 25% better than a typical code compliant building.

Located in the heart of an existing neighborhood, Malabon honors the residential character of its neighbors by incorporating warm and approachable materials and forms. Soderstrom designed the new building using principles of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) to discourage the vandalism problems that had plagued Malabon in the past and prevent people from entering the site unobserved. Thoughtful zoning of building functions also allows community groups to use the gym, cafeteria, and music room after hours without intruding into educational spaces.


Bethel School District

Project Type

Replacement Elementary School

Construction Type

New Construction


Eugene, Oregon


55,586 SF


Classrooms, library, gymnasium, cafeteria, stage, administrative offices

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