winery architect Lingua Franca exterior

Wines & Vines magazine highlighted the Ferar Studio‘s project for Lingua Franca Winery in a Technical Spotlight feature:

The building’s low-slung design hugs the hillside in homage to “undulating ribbons floating across the rolling landscape,” per the architect’s project description. Located on Hopewell Road, the southeastern-facing site is at 350 feet elevation, boasts favorable Nekia and Jory volcanic soils and rubs shoulders with Argyle’s Lone Star, Domaine Serene’s Jerusalem Hill and Evening Land’s Seven Springs vineyards.

Ironically, Stone thought he’d sidestepped California’s San Andreas Fault, only to discover that Lingua Franca straddles the Cascadia Subduction zone. In the end, the new structure meets the area’s robust building code and seismic requirements conceived to “resist” up to a 9.0-magnitude earthquake. This means that while the building may sustain some damage, it will not collapse.

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