Wine & Spirits
by Ferar Studio

The Ferar Wine & Spirits Studio has been involved in the design and master planning of more than 70 wineries and distilleries throughout the Pacific Northwest, nationally, and internationally. Our studio was founded nearly 30 years ago with a passion for design that occurs at the intersection of landscape and architecture. Through hands-on experience working at local wineries and distilleries, we have developed a familiarity with production equipment and a broad understanding of the fermentation, distilling, and aging process. This background, along with a keen awareness of climatic and environmental factors, informs our approach to innovative design.

Our buildings artfully provide efficient processing while complementing their natural context. From winemaking facilities built into a hillside, green roofs, and underground caves, to gravity flow systems, our projects offer the flexibility to accommodate traditional methods as well as the latest techniques. Our years of experience inform our choice of durable materials and earth-friendly methods. We create functional spaces for production and unique social environments to enjoy craft beverages.

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