Good design enhances the human experience and encourages academic and personal growth. For most students, a college campus is a life changing and immersive experience. Our role as architects is to design environments that encourage the best possible experience.


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Design Principles

Enhance the Campus

Our buildings are designed to sensitively fit within their surroundings, and create a strong community image through the use of beautiful, durable materials. We take cues from existing buildings and the environment to enhance the distinct sense of place on campus. 

evergreen middle school media center design

Building Community

We believe public buildings should be proud representatives of their community. Our aim is to listen and learn about your district while providing tailored, expert recommendations for future growth.

straub classroom design

Safety, Security, and Wellbeing

While creating safe and secure facilities, we also emphasize general occupant wellbeing. We want to protect your staff and students in a positive and nurturing space that they can look forward to seeing each day.

evergreen middle school hallway design

Collaborative Engagement

We work closely with your team of decision makers to prioritize and evaluate design solutions. Through stakeholder and community outreach, we ensure that all voices have an opportunity to contribute to a successful project.

plymouth school design

Sense of Place

A school is more than just a series of classrooms. It represents a unique time in students’ lives that they will carry with them into adulthood. Our designs look for opportunities to excite and inspire.


Let us help you inspire students.