Transforming an Industrial Site
into a Riverfront Oasis

Franz River Campus Master Plan

In 2018, a large donation allowed University of Portland to develop 35 acres of riverfront land adjacent to the existing campus. Soderstrom assisted in developing the master plan for this area, which relocates athletic fields and tennis courts to the lower occupant density riverfront. The new campus also includes a new university operations center and a boathouse for the university rowing crews.

The plan involved unusual complications. First, the site is a remediated cleanup site, requiring no disturbance of the soil below the containment cap which was placed as part of the remediation. This put constraints on what kind of development could occur. Second, the Union Pacific Railroad has an active line which bisects the site. Finally, the State of Oregon mandated a 16-foot-wide greenway trail along the river, part of the Willamette Greenway which will someday provide a complete trail from Eugene to the Columbia.

As a major part of the planning process, Soderstrom created aerial views and fly-by videos for presentation to the UP Board of Trustees and for subsequent release to the news media.


University of Portland

Project Type

Master Plan


Portland, Oregon


120 Acres

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