Critical Facilities Design

Reliable design for resilient facilities.

Critical facilities design requires technical expertise and a heightened sensitivity to problems posed by events as well as close coordination with the operators to ensure the design enhances their operational effectiveness.

Case Study

BPA Ross Maintenance HQ

This SW Washington facility is the base for BPA regional transmission line and substation maintenance crews, substation operators, power system control technicians, and field engineers. The seven-acre site includes an office building and maintenance building for storage of vehicles and equipment. The design enhances cooperation between field crews and engineering staff and the LEED certified project achieves net zero energy use.


Design Team Members

  • Erica Jankowski

    Associate Principle
  • Ian Mickleson

    Senior Associate
  • Eric Talbot

    Senior Associate

Our Design Principles

BPA Ross MHQ net zero 10

Design for Flexibility

Through hands-on experience working at local wineries and distilleries, we have developed a broad understanding of the fermentation, distilling, and aging process, as well as a strong familiarity with the equipment required to insure efficiency and the highest quality product. Just as buildings evolve over time, winery spaces serve different functions depending on the season. The crush pad may serve as a dining terrace, fermentation rooms can become banquet halls, and barrel rooms can transform into intimate dining rooms.

winery design woolaston grass roof


Our approach incorporates the latest in sustainable designs to create a symbiotic relationship with the surrounding environment. From durable material selection to high-efficiency mechanical systems, our designs are easy to maintain, focused on longevity, and respectful of their environs.

Lingua Franca exterior view signage

Enhance the Brand

We see architectural expression as an opportunity to reinforce the character of a winery’s brand. We’ll develop design options that are unique to your character, site, and vision.

Alexana winery site circulation

Thoughtful Site Circulation

Maintaining a focus on functionality, we understand that wineries must accommodate the movement of visitors, truck traffic and pedestrians. Site circulation is never an afterthought.

Resonance Winery architecture

Terroir-Informed Design

Our approach to winery design is informed by the concept of terroir. Just as the character of a landscape defines a wine, we believe it should also be central to the design of a winery. The site location, climactic adaptations, and local character provide endless inspiration.

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